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Frequently asked questions


Can I bring my own cat? 

NO. In order to fulfil the regulations, our cats are under strict veterinary control and we need to maintain a level of hygiene and prevent infection. As we are not able to assure the same for cats from outside of the club, we are unable to allow their entry. 

Besides, respecting the nature of feline behavior, most of the cats do not like to be transported. 


Do I have to book to visit the club? 

It is not mandatory, but due to the capacity of the club, it's highly recommended. If you come without a reservation, we are not able to guarantee there will be space, even if you are a regular member of the club. 


Can I enter if I have allergies/suspect might be allergic to cats? 

We would advise caution depending on the severity of your allergy. We have to advise you that we cannot give you any medication even if necessary. 


Can I take any of the cats home? 

Please, consult with our staff. Most of the cats in Espai DeGats can be adopted. We can also advise or help you to find another cat that will best suit you according to your and the cat's preferences and needs.